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Natural Gas Applications

Energy Conversions' systems provide effective and efficient alternative fuel power for many industrial applications. Here are a few:

Stationary Power Generation

Offshore Drilling Power

Marine Applications


General Industrial Power

Special Projects

Energy Conversions Inc. is not limited to the products listed on our web site. We continually accept new challenges for special projects specific to customers' engine makes, models, and applications. Ask us about the possibilities of retrofitting your engines to run on clean, inexpensive natural gas.

Energy Conversions:

Efficient. Proven.
Available Now.

Research and Development Services

Energy Conversions Inc., is a subsidiary group Peaker Services Inc., together offer research & development testing and consulting services at their state-of-the-art facility in Tacoma, Washington. Our qualified personnel have over 30 years of experience in the development of natural gas engines, and over 40 years in the marine and industrial diesel equipment business. We enjoy our work and welcome collaboration with others on new development projects. Our personable staff, combined this with top-notch facility and a genuine desire to excel makes Energy Conversions Inc. an ideal partner for your development team.


  • EMD 645, 8-cylinder turbo charged development engine.
  • EMD 710 16-cylinder turbo charged development engine.
  • Three EMD Test cells.
  • Mitsubishi SN8PTA development engine.
  • Four Stroke Engine 500 HP test cell.
  • Natural gas supply line and boster compressor.
  • Soundproof control lab with data acquisition, real-time control functions.
  • Control System Engine Parameter Monitoring;
    • Data, Trends and Statistical Analysis;
  • Emission Testing
    • NOx, CO, HC, Opacity &PM
  • Fuel Consumption Testing
    • Gravimetric, Coriolis and Positive Displacement
  • Computer Engine Performance Modeling;
  • Crank Referenced Cylinder Combustion Testing
    • Pressure, Ultrasonic and Vibration;
  • Control System Data/Second Engine Databases.
  • Fully outfitted machine shop for manufacturing and prototype development.
6411 Pacific Hwy. East, Tacoma, WA 98424-1587, USA
(253) 312-7888, FAX (253) 922-2258
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