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Natural Gas Alternatives

Energy Conversions Incorporated (ECI) started in 1986. ECI designs and manufactures natural gas and dual-fuel (or bi-fuel) systems for High Horse Power diesel engines common to power generators, offshore drilling, marine propulsion, locomotives, mining and other industries.

Energy Conversions, Inc. was the first to commercially demonstrate a natural gas powered locomotive with its innovative dual-fuel conversion system. Today, ECI continues to develop and implement natural gas systems for power generators, locomotives and various power applications worldwide while researching new avenues of alternative fuel use.

ECI has continuously developed its specialty natural gas conversion systems for EMD engines. In addition to its groundbreaking dual fuel system, ECI is now offering an 100% natural gas conversion for the EMD family going after our first EPA engine certification to Tier 3 with no exhaust after treatment or EGR.

ECI has also developed the Economizer system; a simple and effective dual fuel conversion for a wide variety of four stroke diesel engines.

Fill out a Project Questionnaire with some details about your potential project. So we can send you a proposal.

Site Topics

Products & Services - Systems to operate your current engines with natural gas. Also includes a description of ECI's capabilities as a research facility for engine development.

Applications - ECI's natural gas systems are used in a range of industrial applications including Locomotive, Power Generation, Marine, and Offshore Drilling.

Performance Specifications- Power ratings, fuel consumption, and emissions data for ECI conversion systems.

Publications- Articles, technical papers, and testimonies written about ECI engine products.

News - ECI's recent contributions in the field of natural gas use. Includes industry links.

Emissions- Discussion of the emissions advantage of an ECI conversion.

Picture Gallery- Pictures of ECI conversions.

Contact ECI- A customer questionnaire is included on this page to help determine the optimum ECI system for your application.

Quick links

EMD 100% Gas Spark Ignited system information Clean and efficient EMD conversion.

EMD Dual Fuel system information High performance gas operation with diesel backup.

Economizer Dual Fuel Information Low cost dual-fuel for common 4-stroke diesels.

Low Emission Idle (LEI) bank idling system Reduce EMD diesel or dual-fuel idle emissions and fuel consumption.

ECI Dual Fuel Source book- An essay on Natural Gas and its use as a fuel source for locomotives and power generation. This publication has been around for a while now, but is still a great resource for facts about Natural Gas as an alternative fuel source.

News Briefs

March 2017 EPA Tier 3 certification is in the works for the lean burn EMD SIP 100% gas product line . Recent changes to the EPA rules now treat locomotive natural gas engines like the power generation sector.

CLH has indicated they are close to comissioning the third and forth Cummins KTA50 conversion systems on the DEMU locomotives. 1/2017

November 2016 ECI works with their partner to make application of a 100% gas EMD generator set operating on well head gas.

Returning to Thailand in Oct. of 2016 ECI with its partner PPS in Thailand commissions the third system on platform Ban Yen A running well head gas.

Altoona, PA, USA: Our 100% natural gas switcher locomotive project with the Norfolk Southern Railway is picking up speed. Check out this article for a brief overview of NS 5053 and NS 799. NS 5053 GP38-2 running on Compressed Natural Gas

 Russia, Thailand: Aggreko has commissioned several ECI Economizer dual-fuel systems in Russia and offshore in Thailand.
October 2014

 Thailand: With the help of our Thai distributor Precision Power Services (PPE), ECI commissioned the second Cummins KTA50 generator set on the Mubadala Ban-Yen oil platform. ECI dual fuel for oil rig in Thailand
March 25 2014

 Dominican Republic: GES in the Dominican commissions their fourth ECI Economizer system, installed on a Caterpillar 3516 generator system.
March 01 2013

 Kansas, USA: Heartland Mill commissions its Cat 3406 generator reaching over 70% diesel replacement. The date 10/11/12 will go down in history (at least for us). Thank you to Heartland Mill.
October 11 2012

 Montreal, Canada: Canadian National is applying the ECI Dual-Fuel EMD conversion system to two of their SD40-2 locomotives. The systems, delivered earlier this year, have been commissioned and placed in revenue service. fleets & fuels article
September-October 2012

 India: Indian Railroad commissions the first of 10 DEMU passenger locomotives for dual fuel. ECI and New Delhi distributor CLH have delivered the order for two units and have completed the first step of the program in record time.
June 2012

 Dominican Republic:  Laesa applies conversion systems to two more of the mighty Wartsila 18V32's, making a total of four with ECI Economizer- based conversions. Fuel supply is LNG based.
January 2012

 California, USA: Napa Valley Railroad continues to operate one of its locomotives with 100% gas. Now with the increasing price of diesel, operation with gas is more than just cleaner- it's a lot cheaper.fleets & fuels website article

 Tacoma, WA: ECI tests dual fuel operation with bio-diesel, demonstrating identical performance and operation while blending other alternative fuels with natural gas.

More News

 Global warming on your mind? Natural gas is a great midterm solution. Natural gas has one of the highest highest hydrogen to carbon ratios when compared with other fuels.

 Engines running natural gas with diesel typically have 20 to 30% less CO2 emissions than when run on diesel alone. When you are talking about the single largest pollutant from exhaust, 20% is a huge number.

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