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ECI News

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2018 is right on our heals. ECI has recently placed our submission into the US EPA for the ECI EMD 645 roots blown engine family using 100% natural gas. This engine family is a EPA locomotive Tier 0+ vintage which means it is only required to meet that standard. However running with natural gas the ECI system can meet below Tier 3 levels in both NOx and PM the most concerning constituants.

2016 - 2017 ECI's engine conversion system continues to run 24-7 on the 750 KW Utility grade power generation site in North Dakota. converting well head gas to useable electric power.

June 2013 - 2015

ECI is doing a design review and update on the spark ignition system for switcher service. Detail summary, better stronger and easier to service.

March of this year ECI commissions the 4th generator system in Caribbean

Canadian National has been running the two SD40-2 dual fuel locomotives in regular service new for nearly a year now. Edmonton to Ft. McMurrey

January 2011. ECI revisits its customer site in Columbia to complete the application of the second Worthington diesel generator. The Economizer technology from ECI was custom fit to the large low speed engines. Providing over 90% gas and full power capacity. This successful application was done in collaboration with the Sidunor technical staff and together we put together a system that meets their needs and goals. Many thanks to the staff at Sidunor.

December 2010, ECI visits two customer sites in the Caribbean for preliminary testing and installation. ECI is now providing Economizer systems for Medium speed and high speed diesel engines on the island.



Older Stories

6/2005 Peru, ECI Economizer is applied to a GE locomotive engine and operates successfully even at an altitude of over 15,000 ft. (4700m)

9/2003 Economizer, conversion system developed for four stroke engines. Provides a cost effective simple system for generators and industrial engines. Fits virtually any 4 cycle diesel engine. Also the Economizer II for larger medium speed generators. (Economizer page)

Napa Valley Wine Train Sparks Full Natural Gas

Napa Valley, California- Napa Valley Wine Train Locomotive #73 now runs on 100% Natural Gas with ECI's Spark-ignited conversion system. Pictures

Midwest- In 2001, Power started peak shaving with 3 dual-fuel converted 20 cylinder EMD 645 2.5 MW units. Pictures


ECI gets ABS Type Approval

On July 27, 2000, ECI received certification of its EMD dual fuel conversion systems to be used on commercial vessels and offshore platforms. The approval reinforces ECI's assurance of operational safety and manufacturing integrity of its dual fuel engine systems.

ECI Saves Drilling Customers $4K per Day with Dual Fuel Caterpillars

Gulf of Mexico- ECI's products are saving petroleum drilling platforms off the coast of Mexico and South America up to $4000 per rig, per day in fuel cost alone. Developed for, Texas to convert five existing Caterpillar 399 diesel engines to natural gas/ diesel operation, ECI's dual fuel CAT399 conversion uses natural gas as its primary fuel source. Installation of the systems has been successfully completed, with all five engines up and running on gas. The converted rig, Rig 85, currently operates for Chevron Genesis Spar located in Green Canyon Block 205.

The system's components consist of ECI's patented electronic engine control system, a redesigned piston with configuration and compression ratio changes, as well as modifications to the fuel delivery and cooling systems. Designed as a inexpensive retrofit system to allow the user to make the most of their original capital investment, ECI 's Cat399DF provides drilling customers considerable fuel cost savings. Since well head gas serves as the primary fuel source, diesel refining and transport has been greatly reduced, resulting in substantial savings in fuel costs. The current Cat399DF system is capable of a 80% gas-to-diesel replacement, while retaining the ability to run on diesel fuel alone. See CAT Specifications.

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LNG is in the news now every month. No current projects moving forward but there is plenty of talk. ECI is very interested in persuing a marine project.

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Natural Gas Conversion Gives Navy Clean Power, Low Maintenance

King's Bay, Georgia- In 1993, ECI served as a single source contractor for the U.S. Navy, to install ECI's dual fuel conversion systems to an EMD16 cyl. 645 used for the naval bases auxiliary and peak shaving power . The goal was to help the Navy meet stringent air quality requirements in the locality. Especially for the project, ECI developed a fully automatic "one button" start up and monitoring system for ease of operation. To date the system has been consist and reliable. For more information, see our publications page.

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Spark Ignition for EMD Available

ECI has finished their development and testing of their new line of gas inlet valves (GIV). Similar in most respects to ECI's patented gas injector for the EMD conversions, the new injector is actuated hydraulically rather than pneumatically. This provides added benefits of greater precision of fuel dispersal and cooling properties for longer injector life. Contact ECI to learn more about upgrading your current system to these improved injectors.

Spark Ignited Natural Gas Conversions

ECI completes its spark ignited system for use in the EMD 645 roots blown engines. Plans include the turbo charged 645 and 710 model diesel engines. The system will work in conjunction with ECI's current injectors to create a retrofit system capable of 100% natural gas operation. Initial testing has produced exciting results, with a potential for very low NOx emissions (1-2 g/hp-hr) and near elimination of smoke, without power loss. ECI introduced their Spark-ignited system in Napa Valley Railroad locomotive #73.

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