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Products, Economizers, EMD Dual Fuel, EMD clean diesel, EMD spark ignited gas, CAT dual fuel, Additional products, Electronic control systems, Services, Facilities, Special Projects

Applications, Stationary power generation, Offshore drilling power, Marine applications, Special projects, Research and Development services, Facilities

Performance Specifications, power ratings
EMD conversions , 645 Dual Fuel turbocharged, 645 Dual Fuel Roots Blown, Spark ignited gas only operation
Emissions Specifications , Evaluation of emissions data for the ECI dual-fuel and Clean Diesel conversion systems, EPA Locomotive emissions standards
EPA's Locomotive Page
Caterpillar conversions , CAT 398/399 Specifications

Publications, Technical papers and essays, Articles, System documentation, Technical Bulletins - supplementary system information, Dual fuel sourcebook

News, Latest News, Offshore news, Marine news, Stationary power, Research at ECI

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EMD Spark Ignited Gas

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